Next Portola Hills Meeting Won't Coincide With Presidential Debate

City reschedules meeting to discuss Portola Center traffic studies after residents request a different date.

The second in a series of meetings about traffic impacts expected as part of the Portola Center housing development will be rescheduled from Oct. 22 to an unspecified date in November, city staffers announced this week.

Residents following the evolution of the plan to build up to 930 units in Portola Hills spoke up when the Oct. 22 date was announced, voicing concern that holding a meeting the night of the final debate between presidential candidates would reduce attendance.

"Our country is so polarized with this election that I believe a vast majority of the people who might attend the Traffic Workshop will stay home instead to watch the debate," said Portola Hills resident Dave Herzberg when the October date was first announced.

The decision to reschedule the meeting is in response to feedback received from the community, city spokeswoman Debra Rose said.

A date has yet to be selected for the meeting, but it will be sometime in November, according to the city.

At the meeting, stakeholders will review the results of studies completed since the first traffic workshop and discuss options for access to the Portola Center project site.

cheryl October 18, 2012 at 08:28 PM
Something to keep in mind in regards to traffice - the City of Mission Viejo is annexing some property off of El Toro rd & Glen Ranch ( just past Painted Trails) that will include 85 2,500 - 3,00 sq ft homes (expected price $840,000.00). I know it is ONLY 85 homes, but that is approx 170 if not more additional vehicles fighting to get around this city. If you are interested, you can see the plans here - http://dms.cityofmissionviejo.org/sirepub/cache/2/cvcoojt15zj31r5u2oo4rhel/230329510182012011849852.PDF. After looking at the City of Mission Viejo's website, it seems that this developer may also include up to 300 apartments - that is another 600 cars on the road. http://missionviejodispatch.com/city-aestheics/developer-lobbies-for-annexation-to-mv/ Not happy about this at all.
Jim Gardner October 18, 2012 at 10:33 PM
Cheryl Thank you so much for giving us this new information. We already knew that MV traffic would come into our city to get to the Great Park and to get to our new sports parks. But more homes and apartments along El Toro Rd will only add to a bad situation. As far as I remember, this addition was not factored into the study that was done when contemplating adding 900+ new homes in Portola Hills and 3,000 into the city of Lake Forest. Do you know what the current status of this develolpment is?


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