What Makes a Relationship Last?

For Valentine's Day, these folks in Lake Forest offered their opinions on the subject of lasting love.

With Valentine's Day here, we thought it would be interesting to ask couples how to make a relationship last.  We strolled around the Ralphs shopping center at Lake Forest Drive and Trabuco Road and got the following responses.

"Give and take!" said Jim Constantine, on his way into . "You're gonna argue, and if you don't argue, you're in trouble."

Selina Kim, her husband, K.J. Chung, and their daughter Karen Chung were enjoying the grounds at . When asked how the couple managed to stay together in a relationship, Selina pointed to Karen and said, "My daughter here."

The Buck family was just leaving Heritage Hill.  Jennifer and Adam Buck agreed that a sense of humor makes a relationship last.  

"And money helps!" said Adam.

Jade Runnells and Megan Gabler had just had lunch at .

"Communication and compromise, " said Runnells.  "and you've got to have fun and have some laughter."


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