The 5th Seat. Part 1 - Basic Information

Dr. Jim Gardner
Dr. Jim Gardner

There are 12 people asking to be appointed to the seat vacated when Peter Herzog resigned from the City Council. The following articles will compare and contrast each of the applicants on the answers to the candidate questionnaires, as well as looking at some of the data gleaned from their resumes.

In Part 1 we look at the data about demographics and participation in city-oriented activities. In some cases the data has been organized in an ordinal fashion since the data lends itself to that type of analysis. In other cases it’s merely listed alphabetically. Attempts have been made to organize the answers when “too many” is being compared to “far too many”. Bear in mind all the data offered here is self-report and there has been no attempt to verify the information.

How long have you lived in Lake Forest?

·       Terri Lynn Graham – 36 years

·       Marcia Rudolph – 34 years

·       Steven Carlson – 33 years

·       Terry Anderson – 31 years

·       James Richert – 26 years

·       Trevor Sullivan – 22 years

·       David Bass – 20 years

·       Anna Antoniou – 11 years

·       Jim Gardner – 10 years

·       Jowanna Cannon – 9+ years

·       Andrew Hamilton – 7 years

·       Hugh Everhart – 6 years

Graduate of Lake Forest Leadership Academy?

·       Anna Antoniou – Yes

·       Jim Gardner – Yes

·       Terri Lynn Graham – Yes

·       James Richert – Yes

·       Marcia Rudolph – Yes

·       Terry Anderson –No

·       Trevor Sullivan – No

·       Hugh Everhart – No

·       Steven Carlson – No

·       Jowanna Cannon – No

·       David Bass – No

·       Andrew Hamilton – No

Number of City Council or Commission Meetings Attended

·       Jim Gardner – “100% of the council and commission meetings, either in person or via the Internet”

·       Marcia Rudolph – “all council”

·       Terry Anderson – “about 35”

·       Andrew Hamilton – 20

·       Terri Lynn Graham – “far too many to count”

·       James Richert – 10

·       Anna Antoniou – “3 or 4”

·       Trevor Sullivan – 0

·       Hugh Everhart – 0

·       Steven Carlson – 0

·       Jowanna Cannon – 0

·       David Bass - No

Number of City sponsored workshops or seminars attended?

·       Terry Anderson –“too many to enumerate”

·       Terri Lynn Graham – “many”

·       Jim Gardner – 9

·       Marcia Rudolph – 5+

·       Andrew Hamilton – 2

·       James Richert – 1

·       Anna Antoniou – 0

·       Trevor Sullivan – 0

·       Hugh Everhart – 0

·       Steven Carlson – 0

·       Jowanna Cannon – 0

·       David Bass - No

Number of Grand Openings attended?

·       Anna Antoniou – “too many to list”

·       Terri Lynn Graham – “far too many Grand openings to enumerate”

·       Terry Anderson –“most chamber ribbon cuttings”

·       Andrew Hamilton – 3

·       Jowanna Cannon – 2

·       Marcia Rudolph – 0

·       Trevor Sullivan – 0

·       Hugh Everhart - 0

·       Steven Carlson – 0

·       David Bass - 0

·       Jim Gardner – 0

·       James Richert – 0

Relationship with Current Council Members

·       Marcia Rudolph – “Kathryn McCullough is my best friend…” “I endorsed Kathryn McCullough”

·       Trevor Sullivan – “friends with Mayor Voigts and Councilman Robinson…”

·       Andrew Hamilton – “business relationships…” “I publicaly supported, campaigned and donated to many of the recent candidates for city council.”

·       Hugh Everhart – None

·       Terri Lynn Graham – None

·       Steven Carlson – None

·       Jowanna Cannon – None

·       David Bass - None

·       Anna Antoniou – None

·       Terry Anderson –“all arms length relationships with current members”

·       James Richert – None

·       Jim Gardner - None


·       Anna Antoniou – Real estate agent

·       Terry Anderson – Stock Broker/Financial Planner

·       David Bass – Consultant (Former Finance Director Bell Gardens)

·       Jowanna Cannon – Underwriter

·       Steven Carlson – Computer networking (retired Marine)

·       Hugh Everhart – Real estate appraiser

·       Jim Gardner – Clinical Psychologist (retired), Management Consultant

·       Terri Lynn Graham – Lake Forest business owner

·       Andrew Hamilton – CPA, Consultant

·       James Richert – Consultant

·       Marcia Rudolph – Teacher (retired)

·       Trevor Sullivan –  student at Chapman University


·       Jim Gardner – Ph.D. (Ohio State University) 1972

·       Terry Anderson – MBA-FP (California Lutheran University) 2009

·       David Bass MPA (Brigham Young) 1978

·       Hugh Everhart – MBA (Pepperdine) 2002

·       Steven Carlson – MA (Naval War College) 1985

·       Terri Lynn Graham – BA (Political Science), MS in Kinesiology (CSU Fullerton) 1998

·       Jowanna Cannon – BS (CSU Fullerton) 2005

·       Andrew Hamilton – BS (Taylor University) 1992

·       James Richert – BS (California Coast University) 2000

·       Marcia Rudolph – BA (Mt. St. Mary’s College) 1962

·       Trevor Sullivan –  student at Chapman University

·       Anna Antoniou – not listed

Tomorrow we'll crunch some of this data. Wednesday we'll look at what the different candidates want to accomplish, and Thursday we'll look at what they've done to help make the City a better place to live. Friday we'll look at what issues they're most interested in. Saturday we'll try to sum up.

Note - I am one of the 12 people who applied. For that reason I have tried to stick to the data as much as possible and not introduce any editorial comments.

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Tom Cagley December 02, 2013 at 12:02 PM
Interesting compilation, Jim. Thank you. Still not convinced that long-time residency is a real plus, as it may tend to make one have a rather myopic view. Nor is it particularly relevant how many LF meetings have been attended, nor are 'grand openings' significant of any leadership ability. What is really important, and you plan to write on this in a day or two, and that is what do the candidates hope to accomplish. Is it just to pad a resume for some other office, which is not uncommon in this county? I also don't see any concern with relationships with current council members, provided individuals are able to separate friendships and be professional.
Jim Gardner December 02, 2013 at 12:38 PM
Hi Tom. I agree with you in part. I am simply listing the information and people can draw their own conclusions. I do however, believe some variables are more important than others, and these variables must be taken into account when looking at the criteria which the Council set. These were (1) "will of the people", (2) able to hit the ground running", (3) community involvement, and (4) free from cronyism. From that POV, years living in Lake Forest has no relevance nor does occupation, but attending meetings, seminars, and grand openings does. I think you'll find some of the next articles (what they hope to accomplish, their involvement in community activities) to be more relevant. I do disagree with you on the issue of cronyism. This City has suffered all year with the issue of appointments based on cronyism and not merit, and you yourself can testify to that. The Planning Commission has been substantially diminished as a result of this practice.
Tom Cagley December 02, 2013 at 12:53 PM
Jim, Of course you are correct regarding cronyism, and I suppose I am displaying some pollyannaism in my feelings about relationships or friendships of potential council members. Yes, if negatively used, they can be disasterous, but if used for the overall good of the people, so much more can be accomplished. Like a sports team, no matter how many individual stars it may have, if the chemistry isn't there, it generally is not a winner. Will look forward to your next articles on the subject.
Jim Gardner December 02, 2013 at 03:30 PM
Tom, you touched on a subject I wasn't going to raise, but it is an important issue, so I will address it now The Council is setting "ideal criteria" when in fact I believe they should be adopting a "replacement strategy". Just like a sports team, you can't have all quarterbacks. What the Council should be looking at is what skills and abilities they are lacking and who among the candidates has these skills. An election rarely gives you this ability to "round out" your team. It just puts the top vote getters together without regard to how well they will function. By using the appointment process, the Council has the chance to improve on their considerable weaknesses. Instead they have adopted the more pedestrian strategy outlined above. Looking at the weaknesses of the current Council and the strengths of the candidates is a different approach to filling the position, one that might make a more productive and less divisive year ahead.
Tom Cagley December 02, 2013 at 04:05 PM
You lost me a little on the "replacement strategy." You are absolutely correct regarding the election of wild cards (my words, not yours), but that is where the commissions/committees become so important. You can have an almost dysfuntional Council of elected officials if, and a big if, there are citizens committees/commissions in place to do the work of strategic planning, decision making (via the Council of course), advising, etc, etc. But, back to the 'empty boots' on the council, it will be interesting to see what strategy the Council will use to fill them. As to selection of citizens to serve on these, as of yet unformed, committees or commission, the simple process you did of building a matrix of applicants, responding to relevant data, and providing that to the decision makers, to give them better guidance. Perhaps then we could get away from the fiasco that was the Planning Commission selection process.
Jim Gardner December 02, 2013 at 05:09 PM
Hi again. Yes, I hope this compilation is helpful to the Council in making their decision. The "replacement strategy" involves picking a candidate whose skills and abilities fill a relevant void in the existing structure. For example, every Council needs a social person (aka "glad hander") who enjoys the public functions meeting people, grand openings, etc. We have that in spades already, so there would be no reason to choose another glad-hander. We also have 2 business people, one of whom has an accounting background. So those needs are fulfilled. What we lack seriously is a "go to" person who can get things done. We also lost Peter Herzog's legal background, and it's always nice to have a lawyer on the team. I could go on but you get the point. Rather than picking a theoretical best person, some organizations prefer to fill a vacancy with a complementary person whose skills and abilities extend the reach of the group, rather than duplicating existing strengths. These two strategies often suggest different people for the same position.
Tom Cagley December 02, 2013 at 05:26 PM
Jim, can't argue with the logic, or your statements. In reviewing the occupations of the 'dirty dozen,' I would think the field could be narrowed by about half, but I honestly don't know all the players that well. I hope current members of the Council read your blogs.
PTB December 03, 2013 at 10:05 AM
Hi Jim, If there's one thing I can always count on you for logic and analytics. Unfortunately, with this council, I'm sure that the 3 newest members already know who they are going to appoint...my initial guess was going to be any of their "friends", but only one person on the list admits to being "friends" with 2 of them and 2 others with "Business or arms length" relationships So, my guess is it'll be one of those 3 - that will trump any facts, I bet. Sigh. We'll see. Looking forward to the next couple of articles.
Tom Cagley December 03, 2013 at 10:51 AM
PTB: One council member announced whom he planned to vote for weeks ago, prior to receiving any of the applications. Another strongly favors someone who ran in one of the last two elections, but was a 'runner up,' so if they hold fast to those committments, it may be a 'done deal.' Of course, there is also the concern that someone may not be able to 'hit the ground running,' which I think, in view of the recent appointments to the Planning Commission is more posturing that commitment.
Rose Tingle December 03, 2013 at 02:39 PM
If I see an "endorsement" by a politician that immediately is suspect to me. These city council positions are suppose to be nonpartisan. I have done a lot "homework" on some in the past and found that the "endorser" is not in alignment with what the the candidate is promising. Someone is lying and is just relying on the ignorance of people who don't have the time to do the homework !! I want my city, my county, my country back. I want an independent thinker!


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