The 5th Seat. Part 2 - What They Hope to Accomplish

Dr. Jim Gardner
Dr. Jim Gardner

So far we’ve looked at demographic variables and the time spent on city related activities. Today we look at the applicants’ responses to the question of what they hope to accomplish. Note – when (100%) appears at the end of the statement, this means the quote represents the entire answer to the question. 8 of the 12 statements fit this format. For the other 4 answers the statements were too long to repeat in full here, so they have been shortened, but all the statements remain as written on the questionnaire.


What do you hope to accomplish during your time as a Lake Forest City Council Member?

Terry Anderson

“Keep Lake Forest a Community that is “of the people. for the people, and by the people of Lake Forest”

“Listen to the wants, needs and desires of ALL members of the community, forming a community based on what is best for all, not a select few” (100%)

Anna Antoniou

“l would like to save the City the $150,000 it would cost to have a special election by filing the vacancy. Beyond that, the sports complex and several new housing communities are scheduled to be completed in the near future. Lake Forest will undoubtedly feel the effects of this substantial growth. I would like to make sure those residents, the established and the newcomers, feel proud to say they are Lake Forest residents” (100%)

David Bass

"1) To be respected for my service as a City Council member

2) Maintain a fiscally sound operation”

 3) Make decisions based on what is best for the City & its residents.”

Note: I do not have a specific agenda or specific issue that I am champion” (100%)

Jowanna Cannon

“First off I personally would like to familiarize myself with the city’s objectives, goals, major on-0going projects and infrastructure improvements that are pending. I would also like to actively participate in collaborating with the other council members and the city’s business partnerships” (100%)

Steven Carlson

“I would like to explore the creation of a commission to protect the rights of homeowners that belong to homeowner associations…”

Hugh Everhart

“Serve my community in a manner consistent with the values established by a good family upbringing, attainment of eagle scout rank & the leadership training gained during my MBA education.” (100%)

Jim Gardner

·       “Establish committees to work with Council and Commissions and problem solve some of the challenges facing the City. Specifically, (1) Traffic/Planning (2) Spending More in Our City, (3) Dog Park, (4) Military Support”

·       Revitalize the Lake Forest Council – a monthly meeting of members of HOA Boards of all major HOAs in City. By June 30

·       Working with The OC Register or The Lake Forest Patch, establish a “town square” where registered voters may express their opinions on matters before the Council or Commissions. By Feb 28

·       Encourage Council members to attend meetings of HOAs and to conduct mini-town meetings and talk to people about their local issues. By June 30

·       Get Lake Forest Community Foundation started. By March 30

·       Introduce an ordinance which prohibits companies doing business with the City from contributing to campaigns. By Jan 31

·       Arrange for two televised candidate debates, one of which will be broadcast on/around September 1 and the other on/around October 1. Synchronize with live candidate debates at HOAs in FH/PH and Lake1/2. By June 30

·       Improve the quality of Council and Commission reports generated by staff. By Oct 30.

Terri Graham

“As our city motto says, I intend to “remember the past and challenge the future. While our city both ages and grows in the coming months, I would like to see it remain family friendly, aesthetically pleasing, pro-business and still on of the safest cities in America.” (100%)

Andrew Hamilton

“…concentrating on the basics like providing safety at home, work and in our neighborhoods’ preserving good streets’ and delivering and coordinating excellent city services like parks, recreation, and utilities. I also feel strongly that the City of Lake Forest should uphold and support the Constitution of the United States and California in areas like respecting both individual freedoms and freedoms for business to operate in our free enterprise system…”

James Richert

“Reduce traffic congestion and improve volunteer participation” (100%)

Marcia Rudolph

“I would hope my historic knowledge of the city and of the policies and procedures that the city has developed over the years to assist the existing council members and act as a bridge to whomever is chosen to the council in the 2014 election.” (100%)

Trevor Sullivan

·       “First, I would hope to use my time to meet as many Lake Forest residents and attend as many Lake Forest events as possible…”

·       “Second I would hope to focus much of my time on helping fundraise for underfunded school programs….”

Tomorrow we'll look at what they've actually done to help make Lake Forest a better place to live.

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Tom Cagley December 03, 2013 at 02:40 PM
Jim: Interesting variety of goals, to say the least. I like your putting target dates, makes the metric more measurable. Added to your comments from yesterday, I think the field can be narrowed even further. Will be interesting to see how others comment, if any do.
Jim Gardner December 03, 2013 at 03:17 PM
Hi Tom. Having modest objectives with time frames helps achieve longer term broader goals. I gave a lot of thought to these objectives and believe they can be achieved within the time frames. The broader goals are (1) increasing citizen participation, (2) improving the decision making process, and (3) reducing corruption. Needless to say the current council would have to cooperate.
Tom Cagley December 03, 2013 at 03:41 PM
Jim: Do you mean for your proposed "town square" to be on the internet, or a real life meeting? Or, since you mention the Register and Patch, is it to be on one of their sites easily accessed? Another question, however, is if it is not face-to-face, how can you control or limit it to only registered voters? Another goal you list is impovement, much needed, of staff reports. For the televised debates, would that be on a public broadcast station, and, who would moderate? Finally, I would think the Lake Forest Community Foundation could be up and running before March 30. It is already chartered, now it just needs staffing. The Council could point an interim staff to develop its policies and mission statement, then replace the interim with permanent members.
Jim Gardner December 03, 2013 at 04:28 PM
Hi. (1) The "town square" would be on the Internet but open only to registered voters. I've had preliminary talks about doing this and it is possible. The Council makes a lot of assumptions about what "the people" want, but I think in this day and age we can easily determine what they want. (2) The televised debates could be done through the existing city's website, or through Cox which is what we used to have a few years ago. (3) The lead time for the Foundation is how much time it would take to announce the opening, revise the bylaws slightly, conduct the interviews, etc. Your idea of a tentative appointment is a good one (4) the "real life" meetings would be at the HOAs which represents about 70% of our population. An excellent way for the Council to stay in touch with people and neighborhoods. I think all these things can be done within the time frames I've set out.


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