Blog: NRA Selling Fear, Not Safety

The NRA is selling fear, not safety. Stop making gun manufacturers and the NRA rich by buying what they are selling.

OK, I get it. We’re not afraid of sportsmen using guns, target shooters, or deer hunters—who don’t want multiple bullet holes in their trophy kills, or bits of metal on their dinner plates. We are seriously worried, according to a sheriff from Montana or Mississippi—I forget which one was on CNN yesterday—about the government coming to take away our guns; about a black Democrat president and his henchmen taking away our Second Amendment rights to carry assault weapons in order to protect our homes, our loved ones, and our Constitution! Muskets, right? I missed that part of the Constitution where it mentions our right to carry 100-round clips, automatic weapons, and other tools the Army currently uses to kill our enemies in a war.

The real problem, according to another gun lobbyist on CNN Thursday is, “we need to protect ourselves.” Background checks, maybe. We can discuss that when we elect a Republican president. 

So help me understand. We need to carry all sorts of modern killing tools in order to protect ourselves from our government taking over, correct? Wait a second; we elected those people. They work for us, right? So, who’s planning to take over? Who is actually coming for our guns—the police, the sheriff from Montana or wherever?  Will we have enough time to rustle up a militia? Anybody have a tank in the garage? 

Let’s say for one insane minute, a gang of doped-up hoodlums—kids of Democrats, probably—decides to attack you. They want to kill your children, take your millions of dollars, and burn your house to the ground. Who you gonna call? Exactly which gun you gonna grab? I mean, they are already in the house, stormed upstairs to the kids’ room, tied up your wife, and they’re aiming a 22-calibre pistol at your head. Can you make it to your assault weapon, already loaded with a 100-round magazine, in time to save your family? LOL.

You need the police, but you really don’t trust them—they want your guns. You don’t trust your government. You think your neighbors will see what’s going on and call—who, exactly? Your neighbors are all NRA members, most likely, and will come rushing to your aid, or run like hell to Cleveland!

Get a grip. Support your elected officials and local police in their efforts to reduce gun violence, and get rid of as many guns as possible. We’re damn near drowning in them: 900 Americans killed by guns in the past month so far! And stop making gun manufacturers and the NRA rich by buying whatever they are selling. They are selling fear, not safety. 

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TVOR February 07, 2013 at 05:29 AM
That was very interesting to watch. If what the man said is true then the 2nd ammendment will be the salvation of our republic.
TVOR February 07, 2013 at 05:38 AM
Jac, I am quite disappointed you doid not respond to my post of Jan 31st. I am truly interested to hear your thoughts on it.
PaulRSM February 14, 2013 at 12:55 AM
MayMom, I agree with you completely. There is no need for 100 round cartridges unless you have a military action, race riot or zombie attack. 9mm with a spare clip does the job for a home invasion almost as good as a 12 gauge shotgun, but the shotgun is less likely to penetrate walls and hit an innocent. Yes, I have a 12 gauge and a rifle passed down to me by my father and grandfather.
Darreld February 20, 2013 at 04:33 AM
The lies and propaganda from the left only serve to prove that the democrats and the left want to disarm the American people and force them into submission via the heavily overarmed and illegal TSA blue shirts exactly as Hitler and the brown shirts did. The Second Amendment to the Bill Of Rights is our only salvation from them.
LBV Collins February 20, 2013 at 03:03 PM
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (Ahem...'cuse me while I compose myself.) Very interesting points, Darreld. Please explain how eliminating back ground check loop holes to prevent criminals, felons, and "psychologically challenged" people from buying weapons at gun shows equates to Hitler's brown shirts coming to get you. (Unless, of course, you're a criminal, felon, or "psychologically challenged" person.)


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