City Council and 'the Winds of Changes'

Council decisions last night show that changes are in store for the city.


"May your hands always be busy
May your feet always be swift
May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift"

—Bob Dylan, "Forever Young"

The strong artic winds that have been pummeling Southern California swept into the council chambers last night and brought with them Dylan’s “winds of changes.” Two long time Planning Commission members were voted out of office and replaced by two relatively younger citizens with close ties to the new Mayor. In addition, the City Council voted unanimously to ask the Parks Commission to consider a dog park.

Swept out of office were Dave Carter, a 19 year commissioner, and Terry Anderson, a six year veteran. Both of them can be identified as Herzog appointments, and Anderson in particular, recently ran for City Council with the full support of Herzog and former council member Tettemer.

FWIW – Over the years I attended and presented before the Planning Commission and I thought that Carter and Anderson did an excellent job, not only in  setting a professional tone, but in asking probing questions and generally speaking, making good decisions.

Swept into office were Charles Brower, an attorney who campaigned and worked for Voigts , and Andrew Hamilton, a CPA who is running for a seat on the Irvine Water District in 2016. Hamilton served on the Tustin Planning Commission from 2001-2003. Brower unsuccessfully sought a seat on the Planning Commission in 2004 and 2006.

The winds of changes may disquiet some, and they may bring both good and bad results. In the coming years we’ll see the wisdom of making a radical change in the Planning Commission, and for now it’s sufficient to note the change. BTW – I’ve met both of the new appointees and I have no doubts about their sincerity and energy. I am a little apprehensive in losing the enormous experience that resided with Anderson and particularly Carter, but there are three experienced members remaining and I’m sure they will tutor the new members.

With regard to the dog park, it is long overdue. Readers of my previous articles on the subject will know that Lake Forest is one of the dog friendliest cities in the country, yet paradoxically doesn’t have a dog park. Kudos to Council member Dwight Robinson for his initiative in getting this started.

In the wake of the recent election, we have argued in these pages about whether or not the change in the council would mean changes in the city. I think it’s clear that the answer is “yes.” Put on your overcoats – the winds of changes have only started to blow.

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JustUs January 17, 2013 at 04:08 PM
"I confess that I prefer "The Eagles" to Bob Dylan, but I hope in this case that The Eagles don't apply." In my experience past behavior has always been the finest benchmark to predict future behavior. No longer do I give anyone the benefit of the doubt. I was not born in Missouri - but SHOW ME anyway. I don't expect 'winds of change' or even a slight cold breeze until the proof is in the pudding. The check is no good until it clears the bank and results in a deposit. Anything short of that is pure naivete IMO.
JustUs January 17, 2013 at 04:19 PM
Fine. And we appreciate your efforts. However, when the opposing team drives the ball down to the 10 yard line do we give up and walk away? You seemed to hold my feet to the fire for the 'family values' Council FAILING to address the video horse bet facility and for a Council member FAILING to protest the Planning Commission's approval of the facility, which would bring the matter to the Council for a full vote. I shouldn't have to point out to the Council that a gambling house in Lake Forest is not in the best interests of 'family values' or the safety of our children when they seem smart enought to connect park bans and medicinal marijuana dispensaries to 'family values' and the safety of our children. I can throw stones too when they're thrown in my direction.
Jim Gardner January 17, 2013 at 04:33 PM
Hi JustUs, You misinterpret what I said, or perhaps I didn't say it correctly. I wasn't pointing my finger at you or anyone when I said that citizens should assume some of the burden of government by bringing up subjects where they think the Council or the City has been slacking off. You've done more than your fair share here on the pages of The Patch, so I certainly wouldn't signal you out for any scolding.
JustUs January 17, 2013 at 04:45 PM
Like most people, I am just really tired of getting 'played' by these politicians whose words and actions fail to intersect. These people take sworn oaths when they take office and we do expect a semblance of integrity. Regardless of what they think, they are elected as representatives and not rulers given the leeway to fill their own pockets and abuse public trust. I am done giving any of them the 'benefit of the doubt' like I used to. I assume that they are scoundrels until they prove to me otherwise. Sorry. I am not a fool and I won't be 'played' any longer. When a dog is kicked enough times he just assumes another foot is just around the corner. And there is not that much of a difference between the DNA of a dog and a human being.
Terry Anderson January 18, 2013 at 03:42 AM
Thanks Jim. I really appreciate your complimentary assessment of my time on Planning.


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