LETTER TO THE EDITOR: SC Mayor Endorses Dahl, Mortenson for Council

San Clemente Mayor Jim Evert officially endorses Jim Dahl and Mike Mortenson for San Clemente City Council in the November election.

This election is very important to our future. We all agree that San Clemente is a great place to live and that its charm and village character are key.  I believe all candidates for City Council share that opinion. Where they differ is in their campaign approach, which speaks volumes about them and how they would govern.

On one hand we have witnessed a very negative campaign by Bob Baker, Chris Hamm and their PAC friends who have outspent all others by more than 2-1 with negative mailers full of innuendos and false statements. Mr. Baker spent over $21,000 on a Los Angeles political consultant. And although Chris Hamm seems like a nice young man, his judgment must be questioned in allowing others to bring him into such negative campaigning.

On the other hand we have Jim Dahl (the long time community leader on our council) and Mike Mortenson (a young family man who has been surfing our beaches since he was a kid) who both bring a fresh, positive perspective. They have run forthright and positive campaigns, addressing how they would approach issues in a straightforward manner. These are hallmarks of good leadership.

Dahl and Mortenson will continue to implement the well thought out plans that have given us a vibrant Downtown, Pier Bowl, Beach Trail, and our outstanding new sports complex.  They also know we must develop new visions for North Beach, El Camino Real and other areas of town. This is why Dahl and Mortenson have been endorsed by the OC Register, Chamber of Commerce, and most of our past Mayors and community leaders.

We need to unite San Clemente, not divide it. I urge you not to fall prey to negative and misleading campaign tactics. Instead please choose to continue moving San Clemente in a positive direction. Vote for Jim Dahl and Mike Mortenson.


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