Coach, Pastor Convicted: Are You More Cautious?

How do you keep your children safe while leaving them with people in positions of authority?

ATM robberies can make you leery of depositing money alone; drunken motorists may have you swearing off late-night drives on holidays.

But what's the appropriate—or simply instinctive—reaction when you hear of adults taking advantage of children?

On Friday, two Lake Forest pedophiles, both in positions of authority, were sentenced in separate cases to stretches in state prison for hurting children.

Oscar D. Perez Perez, route: {:controller=>"articles", :action=>"show", :id=>"details-of-alleged-molestation-by-bishop-revealed"} -->, pastor of a small Laguna Hills congregation, was made a deal with the judge to reduce his prison sentence to eight-years and eight-months by pleading guilty to multiple felonies after he

Charles September 20, 2012 at 02:05 AM
"Parents, how do you respond to cases such as these?" I ask my kids all sorts of round about questions which can possibly alert me to any potentially dangerous situations. I chat with other parents. I look up potential risks on the internet. "Does it seem like more adults are acting on pedophilic urges than in the past?" I have no idea. "Or, are children and their parents just more comfortable reporting those experiences to law enforcement?" I have no idea. "Is technology making it easier for pedophiles to access children or, alternatively, easier to catch?" It might make it harder to access children because parents use technology too.


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