Duo Counting Stars Perturbs Neighbors

A selection of recent reports from the Orange County sheriff's blotter in Lake Forest.

At 2:56 a.m. Thursday, a caller reported a traffic hazard near the Los Alisos Boulevard and Jeronimo Road intersection. According to the report, a tree had fallen into traffic lanes and was blocking the flow of traffic. The tree was eventually relocated from the street to a sidewalk. 

At 1:55 a.m. Thursday, deputies responded to a report of unknown trouble near the El Toro Road and Swarts Road intersection. Deputies detained two people at a gas station. According to the report, one of the detainees was on parole.

At 1:40 a.m. Thursday, a caller reported a disturbance near the Bake Parkway and Trabuco Road intersection. According to the informant, report stated that a man and woman behind the Iron Mule were counting stars loudly, disrupting other area residents.

At 11:57 p.m. Wednesday, deputies were called to investigate a person down near the El Toro Road and Rockfield Boulevard intersection. Firefighters took an intoxicated minor to Saddleback Hospital for treatment, according to the report.

At 11:38 p.m. Wednesday, a caller reported a disturbance in the 21500 block of Lost River Court. According to the report, nearby partiers were drinking alcohol and throwing trash into an alleyway.

At 11:19 p.m. Wednesday, a caller reported a family disturbance in the 28400 block of Boulder Drive. The informant said a drunken man was heard screaming and swearing at his girlfriend.

At 10:24 p.m. Wednesday, a caller reported a hit-and-run felony near the Portola Parkway and Bake Parkway intersection. The report stated that a woman in a wheelchair was hit by a driver. The woman reportedly sustained an injury to her arm, but denied medical assistance. According to the report, the driver took off down Bake Parkway.

At 8:39 p.m. Tuesday, deputies were called to conduct a welfare check in the 23100 block of Los Alisos Boulevard. According to a caller, a woman’s boyfriend threatened to bash her head into the wall with a baseball bat when she returned home.

At 5:47 p.m. Tuesday, a caller reported someone drunk in public near the El Toro Road and Trabuco Road intersection. The report stated that an intoxicated 40-something woman in a dark blue dress at Starbucks was moving around potted plants.

At 3:24 p.m. Tuesday, a caller reported suspicious activity in the 22700 block of Lambert street. According to the informant, a transient man had set up a tent and was living next to leasing office.

Lady Golfnut October 14, 2012 at 01:21 AM
Seriously if you want to count stars you should freely be able to! It's a whole lot better than some of the other behavior out there: beating wife/girlfriend, yelling, screaming etc. you get the idea....
MisturChips October 26, 2012 at 08:33 PM
Envision 'The Count' from Sesame street: "ONE!.... ONE Star... aaah ah ah ah.... TWO!.... TWO Stars... aaah ah ah ah". It could get annoying.


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