Update: Whiting Ranch Hiker Rescued

Firefighters hike into the wilderness park to help a hiker with a head injury.

A Whiting Ranch hiker with a head injury is safe after firefighters drove him out of the wilderness park in an off-road vehicle, authorities report.

A team on the ground and a helicopter were dispatched for the rescue operation shortly after 2 p.m., but the hiker refused the airlift and was instead taken out in the all-terrain rescue vehicle, Orange County Fire Capt. Marc Stone said.

No additional information was available about the hiker's condition.

Whiting Ranch, Lake Forest's wilderness park, encompasses approximately 4,300 acres.

Howard T. Kubota August 09, 2011 at 11:56 PM
I hope these hikers and others who are rescued, or otherwised assisted, are billed for use of tax paid public personnel. How else do we make people responsible and accountable for their actions? Sincerely, concerned citizen
cheryl August 10, 2011 at 01:58 PM
um......I really hate to state the obvious here.....but our tax dollars already pay for the "paid public personnel". we pay the fire dept and the police dept for this exact reason. How bout if you get in a car accident and the jaws of life have to be used to get you out of your vehicle, the firemen and police men that respond to your accident don't lift a finger to help you until YOU pay the bill for your rescue to make you accountable for your actions, even though your tax dollars already pay their salaries. Pretty lame huh?
THE Mountain Biker's Wife September 06, 2011 at 05:21 PM
I am the wife of one of the injured mountain bikers so I want to get the facts straight! This is an inaccurate report of the accident. I suggest if the Lake Forest Patch did not have all the facts, Lake Forrest Patch SHOULD NEVER report this accident to the public. Major errors in this report: 1. The accident involved 2 mountain bikers, not hikers. Both were injured. 2. One of the mountain bikers suffered serious injuries including major bleedings, broken bones and concussion, from an unexpected collision. 3. The seriously injured mountain biker was in shock and did not call the firefighters and helicopter. The initial rescue team called the firefighters due to the severity of the injuries of this mountain biker. 4. The mountain bikers did not know a helicopter was sent to the site. When the firefighters arrived, the injured mountain bikers refused to use the helicopter since the mountain bikers knew the hospital was nearby. These mountain bikers did not waste the tax payers’ money! Instead, the mountain bikers requested to be sent to the hospital by ground transportation. I would suggest Sarah de Crescenzo to make corrections of this article to eliminate unnecessary confusions from the public and possible legal actions. Tax payers, please do not believe everything this newspaper reports to you. I want to express my deepest appreciation to the firefighters, the rescue team and my husband’s friends for saving my husband’s life. THANK YOU!
Sarah de Crescenzo September 06, 2011 at 05:47 PM
Hello, I'm glad your husband is OK! How scary. I've emailed you to get additional details about this story, but just for the record—all the information here came from the person who relays information about Orange County Fire's activities. The information I received was that the rescue involved one hiker with a head injury. Thanks for reaching out to me with more accurate information.
THE Mountain Biker's Wife September 06, 2011 at 06:29 PM
Hi, Sarah, Many thanks for the prompt response. My husband was mountain-biking with a big group of friends. We are all live in OC and read your article about the accident. We lost confidence of Lake Forrest Patch after we read the article! I am not happy with your newspaper because I do not want the public to make such comments on my husband's misfortune, based on inaccurate information. Thank you for letting me know your newspaper will correct this article with the facts. Please let me know when the corrections will be posted on your website. Thank you for being a responsible reporter! Best regards, THE Mountain Biker's Wife


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