City Council Candidate Statement: Marcia Rudolph

Each City Council candidate's statement will appear on the November ballot.

Editor's note: Patch is publishing one candidate statement each day. This is the statement voters will see on the ballot in November. Order of publication is determined by the order in which candidate names will appear on the ballot.

City Council Candidate: Marcia Rudolph

I believe in the future of Lake Forest rooted in sound fiscal management and community values of family, home and church.  

I am a founding member of the MCAS El Toro Restoration Advisory Board, member of Orange County Child Care and Development Planning Council, Vector Control and Insurance Authority. I also serve as the League of Cities’ Employee Relations and Environmental Quality Policy Committees and graduated from their Leadership Academy. 

As we celebrate 20 years as a city, we must be ever vigilant to protect our safety and quality of life.  

I seek your vote to:       

    Continue improving our roads and intersections      

    Monitor animal control services      

    See City Hall, sports park, community center and recreation centers built      

    Protect and encourage businesses      

    Expand recreation opportunities for all ages      

    Monitor school district projects      

    Work with the Sheriff on Musick jail      

    Assure citizens are kept informed of all construction projects for review and comment 

As a member of the first City Council with a proven record of independence and accountability, I believe that public service is service to you, our citizens. 

As a mother, grandmother, retired teacher and homeowner, I ask for your most precious possession as an American citizen--your vote.  


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Fred Smith October 08, 2012 at 02:58 AM
Mrs. Rudolph: What you have said in your current ballot statement is what you have been running on for the last twenty years while you have been paid by our tax dollars in salary almost $200,000.00 and in benefits tens of thousands of dollars, not the least of which is your taxi rides costing taxpayers seven to eight thousand dollars each and every year (I do understand that you cannot drive but why should we pay for your cab fare??). Once I learned this, I realized why you voted against Term Limits!! Even putting all that aside, you are not even truthful in your statements and standing. Specifically (the text in CAPS is yours word for word taken from your current ballot statement): CONTINUE IMPROVING OUR ROADS AND INTERSECTIONS. This is while with you in charge for 20 years Bake Parkway received an “F” grade several months ago and Alton Parkway’s completion took twenty years. I guess if we just leave things alone, EVENTUALLY a lot happens anyway (either good or bad). C next post.
Fred Smith October 08, 2012 at 03:01 AM
MONITOR ANIMAL CONTROL SERVICES. 20 years and we don’t have a dog park, not to mention every month when you go to Garden Grove to attend the monthly meeting for this matter , your cab fare alone ranges from about $150.00 to about $210.00, accordingly to your own expense reports. Enough said? SEE CITY HALL, SPORTS PARK, and COMMUNITY CENTER AND RECREATION CENTERS BUILT. Then, what exactly have been doing for the last 20 years?? PROTECT AND ENCOURAGE BUSINESSES. What have you ever done to encourage business? The answer in “NOTHING”. EXPAND RECREATION OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL AGES. 20 years and we don’t even have a real Senior Center for God’s sake, let alone everything else that Lake Forest does not offer, unlike many other cities in the area!! MONITOR SCHOOL DISTRICT PROJECTS. Since when the simple “MONITORING” of things accomplishes anything? What specifically can you attribute to yourself when it comes to education in the last twenty years? C next post.
Fred Smith October 08, 2012 at 03:02 AM
WORK WITH THE SHERIFF ON MUSICK JAIL. This is the most lie of all. You in fact voted not to sue and stop the expansion and reclassification of the Musick Jail to house a more dangerous class of felons while all you had to do was to follow the lead by the Irvine City Council which initiated legal action to stop any expansion/reclassification of the jail and this is while Irvine does NOT even have any resident that lives anywhere near the jail and Lake Forest has thousands of residents living within a walking distance of the jail. ASSURE CITIZENS ARE KEPT INFORMED OF ALL CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS FOR REVIEW AND COMMENT. Another big lie. Over the years you have allowed so many re-zoning aimed to appease and assist developers on their raid and rape of Lake Forest go through that those who have followed the matter (including myself) have lost count. Obviously, many of these previous constructions today are the very cause of our ever-increasing crime, traffic, and pollution. And this is while you have received contribution personally from some of these developers. So, ENOUGH is ENOUGH. I can only hope voters begin to realize all you have done TO this city and how little you have done FOR it, if any. C next post.
Fred Smith October 08, 2012 at 03:02 AM
Luckily, this time around, out of the 7 candidates running there are four apparently decent, qualified, and independent of the City Hall and current Council members (once you, the current longtime planning commissioner Terry Anderson, who is to blame for a lot of what I wrote above), and Cathy Zechmiester, yet the wife of another Planning Commissioner and a friend of the establishment, are taken out of the pool). I and many I know hope to God that the two going in are out of the four fresh faces. Lake Forest City Council has needed new blood for a long time. I will look forward to your response.
Jim Gardner October 08, 2012 at 04:43 PM
Hi Fred, I'm glad you realize that Marcia Rudolph has been offering the same baseless platitudes for years. Her use of the word "monitoring" is ridiculous, but her biggest fault (among many) has been her failure to stop the expansion of Musick Jail which not only introduced the ICE felons but is now being fitted for a maximum security addition. This threatens the safety of everyone in Lake Forest. As you rightly point out, Irvine has opposed this expansion and they don't even have residents living near Musick while we have people living right across the street.


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