Community Members Protest Council Meeting Cancellation

Several Encinitas residents organized a mock city council meeting in protest of the canceled council meeting.

Although the doors to Encinitas City Hall were closed Wednesday night, community members still gathered for a council meeting. 

Roughly 40 people attended a mock city council meeting to address five empty chairs outside City Hall, which represented the absent council members. One of the attendees pretended to be Mayor Jerome Stocks and sat in a chair with his name on it. 

Several Encinitas residents organized the event in protest of the canceled council meeting.

“We count on being able to come and be heard,” said Susan Turney, one of the mock council meeting organizers. “This is kind of pulling the rug out from under us.”

A notice posted outside City Hall stated that the meeting was canceled “due to lack of agenda items.” Many of the 12 mock council meeting speakers argued that the meeting was canceled so council members could avoid further backlash for posting campaign signs early.

The controversy began after a video shot by an Encinitas resident showed Stocks and Councilman Mark Muir posting their campaign signs before they legally should have. According to the city’s municipal code, campaign signs “may be displayed 30 days prior to the election.” Their alleged violation of this ordinance has been a heated topic at the recent city council candidate forum and Oct. 10 council meeting.

Many of the mock council meeting attendees believed Wednesday’s meeting was canceled so council members could avoid additional criticism, especially because local students, parents and teachers were expected to be in attendance to receive awards in recognition of Red Ribbon Week. Because the meeting was canceled, however, Stocks attended local schools to personally deliver the awards.

“It appears you canceled the meeting to avoid more negative attention brought on yourself in front of the students, their parents, the teachers and the community,” said one speaker to the mock mayor. “Is that why you canceled this council meeting?” 

Another speaker said she was disappointed the meeting was canceled because it's almost Election Day.

“This makes absolutely no sense,” she said. “It’s quite concerning because there are so many issues needing immediate attention.”

Joe Corder, who shot the footage of Stocks and Muir posting the campaign signs declared, “We are important,” prompting cheers from the crowd.

“I’m still here,” Corder said. “I’ll be here all the way through Nov. 6.”

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Jay Berman October 29, 2012 at 04:47 PM
I don't like Stocks membership on both SANDAG and NCTD ... I would love to see an initiative to disband SANDAG and move its projects to the county where we can hold supervisors accountable for their decisions ... SANDAG is about "sustainable development" aka UN Agenda 21 ... it takes money from highway projects and moves it into public transit that only 3% use ... won't fix I-5 SR-78 interchange until 2035 when it needs to be done now ... that list is endless .. I'm for Encinitas to have a 4 year elected mayor ..
Wie Gand October 29, 2012 at 07:02 PM
From the ICLEI USA site FAQ Section: There is no truth to this conspiracy theory. ICLEI is a nonprofit with no authority over its local government members whatsoever, and we do not work in secret or in any way circumvent public input in decision-making processes. We do not mandate, impose, or enforce any national or international policies or initiatives. All ICLEI programs and projects are voluntary, and local governments decide for themselves which programs they wish to participate in; they define their own goals depending on local circumstances, interests, and abilities. At ICLEI, we believe in the power of local, bottom-up innovations to solve global problems. We also believe deep collaboration with our local government members to develop programs and tools to meet their needs. In addition I would note that not all sustainability efforts derive from ICLEI initiatives, but have merits on their own.
Joe Corder October 29, 2012 at 10:34 PM
Well mikey. I have 2 one way tickets out of encinitas, you and your boy jerome can use on Nov 7th
Robert Paulson December 01, 2012 at 09:29 PM
Oh no! Does Mikie live in O'side now. I thought I had left him behind when I left Encinitas. If so I hope he keeps his radical mitts off of O'side politics. We're trying to make this place better and he will only make it worse. Everything he touches ends up in the sewer.
Robert Paulson December 01, 2012 at 09:41 PM
1. Jim Jones, aka Jim Babwe 2. He came out from under his rock to entice Kranz and Shaffer to accompany him to City Hall for a picture and right before he snapped his shutter, two of his lackeys jumped into the picture holding "Help Tony and Lisa Occupy Encinitas" signs. He set up the incident and he was attempting to slime them with an association to the Occupy Movement. 3. We don't really know if the phone call happened or not. It's only hearsay. 4. We don't really care what school it was. 5. Jim Jones is NOT a normal teacher. He is a sub. Mike Andreen has no credibility. He is an infected boil on the a** of Encinitas.


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