Candidates, Council Members Form Alliances

Find out who Lake Forest City Council members want to win the upcoming election.

Not everyone on Lake Forest's City Council is running for re-election this year, but that doesn't mean they aren't involved in the campaign, which some say is shaping up to be one of the most contentious in city history. 

Seven candidates are competing for council seats now held by Marcia Rudolph, who is seeking another term, and Mark Tettemer, who bowed out of the race in August.

Here's a look at who's supporting whom in the November race.

  • In August, Tettemer named candidates Terry Anderson and Kathy Zechmeister as his preferred replacements.
  • Councilman Peter Herzog, who has served on the council since he was first elected in 1994, is also endorsing Anderson and Zechmeister.
  • Mayor Kathryn McCullough, who has also served since the 1994 election, is endorsing Rudolph, a longtime ally and member of the city's founding council, and candidate Dwight Robinson.
  • The council's newest member, Mayor Pro Tem Scott Voigts, is also endorsing Robinson, who managed Voigts' 2010 council campaign. Voigts was one of a couple dozen citizens who signed nomination papers for candidate Adam Nick, a local businessman, though doing so is not an official sign of support. Editor's note: An earlier version of this article misstated who Voigts is supporting.

TELL US WHAT YOU THINK IN THE COMMENTSDo endorsements from sitting officials affect your vote?

Merijoe Axe September 28, 2012 at 05:34 PM
Btw-Jerry Zechmeister- Besides being a planning commissioner yourself and telling me to get my facts straight before commenting, are you also related to the Candidate for City Counsel, endorsed by Peter Herzog and Mark Tettermer. Kathy Zechmeister?
Jim Gardner September 28, 2012 at 05:46 PM
Hi Merijoe. Last night I was at the Planning Commission workshop about Portola and 2 people came by to say hello. I knew them only from their nicknames on the Patch. It was nice to see them in person and say hello. Let me reinforce your suggestion that Patch people please introduce themselves. Jim
Merijoe Axe September 28, 2012 at 05:47 PM
In case you want to shake your finger ar me for not having my facts correct before posting- Here's a look at who's supporting whom in the November race. •In August, Tettemer named candidates Terry Anderson and Kathy Zechmeister as his preferred replacements. •Councilman Peter Herzog, who has served on the council since he was first elected in 1994, is also endorsing Anderson and Zechmeister. http://lakeforest-ca.patch.com/articles/council-members-pick-favorite-candidates
Merijoe Axe September 28, 2012 at 06:50 PM
Jim, I didn't know about this workshop or I would have been there too! I havent been going to the Planning Commission mtgs but will from now on.
Helen Wilson October 05, 2012 at 09:11 PM
Nick, Your campaign volunteers have been spotted removing both Terry Anderson and Kathy Zechmeister signs along Bake Parkway (which is allowed by City of Irvine) and private property along Muirlands and Rockfield. Your signs are the only ones remaining on a daily basis. Do you really believe it's necessary to steal competitor's signs? Do you believe it's okay to violate the City's sign ordinance by placing campaign signs in the public right-of-way?
Merijoe Axe October 05, 2012 at 09:32 PM
Really Helen? so you actually KNOW that these were Campaign volunteers stealing signs, and for Nick, especially? Wow. amazing, did they have identifying tags on or did you all just use your psychic abilities? Maybe next time you may want to take some photos., because I don't believe a word of this and I hope no one else does either, but I do believe you are working for Kathy or Terry or both since they both have the same people endorsing them. .
Jim Gardner October 06, 2012 at 04:34 PM
Hi Merijoe, You are correct. Helen Wilson was originally part of the Dixon-Herzog team that ruled the city for nearly 20 years. When she stepped down her hand-picked successor Merk Tettemer took her place. Now that Tettemer is stepping down and Dixon lost in 2010, Herzog will be all alone and permanently out of power. Hence he is running Anderson and Zeichmeister in an attempt to get back the 3-2 majority he enjoyed for so many years. Wilson is part of the team endorsing and supporting Anderson/Zeichmester (whom a wag has suggested we call Andermeister to save time). That being said, I'm not sure how she's able to discern that Nick's people are taking down the signs. But she is right - it's suspicious that Nick's remain while others disappear. BTW - I had this same problem with Scott Voigts in 2010. My signs would disappear and his magically remain. I spoke to him several times and eventually it stopped. Voigts, as you know, is supporting Nick, (and Robinson too in Voigt's battle against Herzog) so there is certainly a "guilt by association". OTOH, I don't think Voigts "ordered" his supporters to take down my signs and I suspect it was just their unbridled enthusiasm. I firmly ask all my volunteers to respect the other candidate's signs/flyers. I think signs are stupid. They litter our streets and say nothing. I asked in 2010 that we all agree not to have signs - no one else was willing. There are better ways to let people know what you're about than a sign.
Jim Gardner October 06, 2012 at 04:36 PM
Hi Nicole, Adam Nick has not answered your question, but you can read in my new blog, "Follow the Money - Part 4" about the financial relationship between Voigts, Robinson, and Nick. I posted the blog yesterday and it should be appearing soon.
Merijoe Axe October 06, 2012 at 11:55 PM
Jim, Its a dirty, lowdown shame this "Helen" person has no ethics and is given any kind of credibility-whatsoever and allowed to work in the public sector-these are the people who want to run MY city? uh no and, I dont give a crap about the signs, they are only temporary and are used by high ranking office seekers so there must be some use to them, huh? Otherwise "Helen" wouldnt be trying to incorrectly villify Nick by posting this unsubstantiated crapola her publicly. She is wrong wrong wrong about every dang thing she/it posted above as far as Im concerned-so you can give her some credit if you want, but until this woman or whoever it is, can prove that AnderMeister even had signs up in the first place and can prove it was Nick's volunteers that took down some mysterious signs that I dont see anywhere in Lake Forest and tell everyone who she/it is publically I stand by call of "BullSh**" on that "Helens" part, and if AnderMeister are complicit in this they need to be called out too- and let me be the first to do this right now. Oh and BTW, I might add Dwight's signs that I put up in front of my place have"mysteriously" disappeared, as well as Nick's all up El Toro by Saddleback Church area, and they were just there yesterday and the day before. hmmmmm any thoughts "Helen"? and Im calling you out too.
Adam Nick October 07, 2012 at 01:10 AM
Ms. Wilson: For reasons the mention of which is beyond the scope of this reply, I often put things in a broader context. In this reply, however, I shall not do that. That said, as legally required of Mrs. Zechmeister to report, I now know that you purchased and donated her campaign signs. With that prefaced, being a zealous advocate is one thing but being preposterous is certainly something else, and the latter is what you are in your convenient presumption obviously in your desperate attempt to cast a shadow over me. With that prefaced, I ask you, however much rhetorically, “Have you no shame”? To any and all those who care to know: Effective immediately and until Nov 6th, I offer a $500.00 reward to any individual who tips the authorities resulting in the capture and successful citation/prosecution of any perpetrator who defaces, removes, and/or disposes of any campaign sign for any candidate running for Lake Forest City Council, County and City employees and Landscapers in the course of fulfilling their duties excepted. Please spread the word. Adam Nick 949-812-0920
Adam Nick October 07, 2012 at 01:11 AM
Ms. Wilson: For reasons the mention of which is beyond the scope of this reply, I often put things in a broader context. In this reply, however, I shall not do that. That said, as legally required of Mrs. Zechmeister to report, I now know that you purchased and donated her campaign signs. With that prefaced, being a zealous advocate is one thing but being preposterous is certainly something else, and the latter is what you are in your convenient presumption obviously in your desperate attempt to cast a shadow over me. With that prefaced, I ask you, however much rhetorically, “Have you no shame?" To any and all those who care to know: Effective immediately and until Nov 6th, I offer a $500.00 reward to any individual who tips the authorities resulting in the capture and successful citation/prosecution of any perpetrator who defaces, removes, and/or disposes of any campaign sign for any candidate running for Lake Forest City Council, County and City employees and Landscapers in the course of fulfilling their duties excepted. Please spread the word. Adam Nick 949-812-0920
Jim Gardner October 07, 2012 at 04:53 PM
Hi Merijoe Sign stealing is a long established Lake Forest tradition. When I ran in 2008, Marcia Rudolph told me not to bother with signs because they would all be stolen by "The Gang of 3" (Dixon, Herzog, Tettemer). So I didn't do any signs, only to find out that Rudolph, nonetheless, put out hundreds of signs herself. Well, she didn't tell me she wasn't going to put out her own signs, just that I shouldn't, so I guess she suckered me on that one. In 2010 I put out signs and had a run-in with Voigts' people, but after an unpleasant conversation this stopped. Of course, on my limited budget, the harm had been done. Just yesterday a saw a young dark haired man knock over one of the Andermeister signs as he passed by some Nick signs. Hard to know if he was an agent for Nick, Robinson, or whomever. Perhaps none of the above; just someone who doesn't like one of the Andermeisters. As I said before, signs are stuipid. They serve no educational value and only encourage people with money trying to influence city council decisions to pony up to their candidates and later ask for favors. It's part of the corruption of politics and does the City no good, litters our streets and increases our bills for clean-up, storage, etc. Personally I'm in favor of an ordinance against political signs, but I hate that kind of restrictive legislation, so I wouldn't advocate for it. I only wish all the candidates would agree not to post signs. Perhaps in 2014 we can do away with them
Homer October 07, 2012 at 06:06 PM
"Working for the community" does not rule out "protecting the community" or attempting to ensure that government "operates" within the established, written guidelines and laws. And for future reference, it is proper to capitalize the first 'a' in American.
Merijoe Axe October 07, 2012 at 09:00 PM
Jim, "Just yesterday a saw a young dark haired man knock over one of the Andermeister signs as he passed by some Nick signs" I know you weren't profiling right? Just an observance right? No, alot of info can't be squeezed on a sign, but the sign will lead to name recognician and if and when those who pass by the sign want additional info on the person they will google them - that's what I do. Not everyone is a politician with extreme knowledge of everyone in the political arena, so whatever it takes to jar a memory or lead to a vote especially for people who will be elected to make laws/policys that taxpayers of LF will need to live by, I would think you and every other man or woman who believes in the US Constitution would have no problem with.
Jim Gardner October 07, 2012 at 09:16 PM
No Merijoe. No profiling intended. Funny that you mention that. About 25 years ago I was one of the first Clinical Psychologists involved in teaching the police about profiling. The science was very early in those days and we relied heavily on the work of the FBI. Things have come a long way since those early days. Anyhow, I would much rather see someone put out a position statement than to put out a sign. As I said, IMO a signs says nothing, litters, mnakes the city unattractive, and increases city costs. It's pretty easy for anyone to find out who's running (we got sample ballots a few weeks ago, news about the local election has been in the media including The OC Register and The Patch, there's a Candidate Forum this week, etc.), and I'm not sure that anyone really googles someone after seeing their sign. Maybe it happens, but it seems unlikely to me. But you are exactly right. My belief in the Constitution and my general distaste for restrictive laws means that I would not favor a law/ordinance against campaign signs. But I would hope that candidates at the next election agree not to use them and instead put their money, time, and energy into educating the public about themselves and their issues.
Jim Gardner October 29, 2012 at 03:22 PM
FYI Martha Herzog (Peter's wife) sent a mass e-mail on Oct 28, 2012 in the names of her husband and Mark Tettemer in which she (they?) attacked Adam Nick and Dwight Robinson on behalf of their chosen sycophants Anderson and Zechmeister. Here is some of the text - "...we find ourselves in the midst of an election that is unlike any we have seen before. Never have we had so many outside groups, money, and party interests trying to influence who should sit on your City Council. Never have we had a candidate (Adam Nick) whose sole community activity was to fight a family owned competing business here in town, sue the City for rejecting his anti-competition effort, and cost your community tens of thousands of your taxpayer dollars with both a failed law suit and now a frivolous court appeal. Unfortunately, this candidate has joined with another (Dwight Robinson) and they are flooding the city with signs and mailers, including a first ever vicious hit piece, from a political party and PACs that blindly support them without knowing practically anything about Lake Forest." The "first ever vicious hit piece" refers to a postcard attacking Council woman Marcia Rudolph for spending so much government money transporting herself around, including taxi and limousine service.
Adam Nick October 29, 2012 at 08:11 PM
Mr. Gardner, as you know, Mrs. Herzog’s narrative is filled with inaccurate and untrue statements. However, that does not puzzle me for she is desperately trying to assist her friends with their candidacy, notwithstanding any personal gain she may have thereto. What does puzzle reading your post this morning is why you, someone who claims to be intelligent and decent, would actually assist with furtherance of the propaganda initiated by Mrs. Herzog. However, I am neither in your head nor in your heart so I cannot intellectually speak to your motive but I CAN say that I am glad that you posted Mrs. Herzog’s piece for I now not only know about it but can also address it. However, I must first point out that although Mrs. Herzog mistakenly or untruthfully asserts several matters in her email, only part of which is shown in Mr. Gardner’s post above, she has the forethought to avoid reference to me by name. Obviously, Mrs. Herzog is knowledgeable as to the laws governing libel and slander (i.e. defamation) and the related consequences. It is Mr. Gardner who inserts my name and, in fact, fails to cite something to that fact. (To be continued in a separate post due to space limitation)
Adam Nick October 29, 2012 at 08:16 PM
Before I go on, let us remember that the benchmark for any civilized society is to have laws. For any government, especially here in the United States of America, the benchmark is to apply those laws EQUALLY. As to what Mrs. Martha Herzog calls a “lawsuit”, it is really only a petition for the court to examine a decision that was made by Mrs. Kathy Zechmeister’ s husband, Mr. Jerry Zechmeister, Kathy’s running mate, Mr. Terry Anderson, Mr. Peter Herzog, Mr. Mark Tettemer, and some other members at the City Hall. Further, it has do with the fact that their unlawful advocacy of 7-Eleven Inc., enabled 7-Eleven Inc., to get an alcohol license from the State with the mere payment of one hundred dollars, whereas many others have had to pay in the past and continue to have to pay today tens of thousands of dollars to get the same. What they did was not only illegal but also unfair, unjust, and as such, un-American. And, you must know that the petition is NOT asking for money in punitive damages, only that their decision be examined by a judge or panel of judges. Further, what Mrs. Herzog conveniently does not mention is that the protest to the State’s licensing agency was signed for by over one-hundred longtime residents of Lake Forest (i.e. not just me) many of whom spoke before both the Planning Commission and the City Council at different times in their united opposition (but for various reasons) to the alcohol licensing of 7-Eleven Inc. (To be continued)
Adam Nick October 29, 2012 at 08:18 PM
Now, the lone fact that Mrs. Kathy Zechmeister and Mr. Terry Anderson are shamelessly advertising their candidacy via 7-Eleven Inc.’s store front, and 7-Eleven Inc., is assisting them with that is further proof of the quid pro quo between and among certain individuals, which includes, among others, the Zechmeisters, Anderson, and 7-Eleven Inc. In fact, Terry Anderson has gone as far as printing and distributing flyers noting the support of 7-Eleven Inc.!! That Martha Herzog, Mark Tettemer, the Zechmeisters, and Terry Anderson obviously do not appreciate the fact that people are intelligent and see this quid pro quo for themselves goes to show how little they think of the rest of us and our intelligence. And now, to all those who care to further know the truth: First, It is my sincere hope that you take the time and read this as I believe it will help you make an informed decision for whom to vote, Mrs. Zechmeister and Mr. Anderson to maintain status quo, or me, Adam Nick, for I offer a new, decent way of governance, free of special interest and cronyism that has plagued the City Council and City Hall effectively since its inception to the present time notwithstanding that for the most part the very same people have been in charge on the Council and the Planning Commission over the many years. (To be continued)
Adam Nick October 29, 2012 at 08:19 PM
Now, I will put Mrs. Herzog’s efforts to run a smear campaign against me in a broader context. Among my other qualifications, I have been an accountant and auditor, by education and trade for 21 years. Several weeks ago, I started distributing what I have named Nick’s Vision for Lake Forest (Mr. Gardner too was given a print copy). The condensed version is on my website. The Vision capsulates what I intend to accomplish as your Councilman in my first one-hundred days in the office. It is categorized by: Safety; Transparency; Eliminate Special Interest; Eliminate Wasteful Spending; Establish Fiscal Policies; Infrastructure; Access to City Hall. Once you read what I have outlined in my Vision, there should be no further doubt in your mind why Mr. Herzog, who is an attorney and who specializes as a “Government Affairs Consultant”, and, by extension, Mrs. Herzog, and many other with ties to the City Hall are NOT fond me. You must know that I have brought the spotlight onto the actions of several individuals at our City Government for over two years now. (To be continued)
Adam Nick October 29, 2012 at 08:21 PM
Case in point, one item in the detailed version of my Vision, under the category of Eliminate Special Interest, it reads: “Curtail, if not eliminate altogether, influences of Special Interest, by: a. Implementing strict political campaign finance regulations (no corporate contribution allowed and individual contribution to be capped at a maximum of $250.00 per person contributing per Election). b. Prohibiting Council Members from rendering professional services (such as legal, accounting, auditing, insurance, investment, tax or estate planning) to businesses who are either located in Lake Forest or conduct business in Lake Forest. Similarly, Council Members may not be employed by companies and entities that transact with or provide services to the City; c. Enacting a nepotism ban; d. Introducing Term Limits for Elected Officials; e. New hires of the City’s high-ranking officials must reside in the City (similar to what is required of Council members). This required residency ensures that our high-ranking officials have both a degree of knowledge and familiarity to the City’s dynamics and a vested interest in the orderly growth and development of our City)." (To be continued)
Adam Nick October 29, 2012 at 08:22 PM
Now, can you honestly still have any doubt as to why the “Establishment” considers me its “ENEMY NUMBER ONE”. Can you honestly not see why “they are throwing the kitchen sick at me”? As I said while I was addressing a crowd at a Meet & Greet on Oct 11 in Foothill Ranch, which had been organized, in part, for me, incidentally and surprisingly at which event Mr. & Mrs. Herzog were present, “You can judge a man by the friends he has but you can also judge him by his enemies.” In further refute of Mrs. Martha Herzog’s letter, we have now been a City for ever twenty years on this Council’s and Planning Commission’s watch (and on the City Manager’s watch, Robert Dunek, for sixteen years of the twenty), and yet we, unlike many of our neighboring cities, do not have a Senior Center, Youth Center, our own Community Hospital, or even a dog park. Over the years, we have rented the building that houses the City Hall and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in rent expense. Indeed, we have probably paid more in rent in total in the last two decades than it would have taken for us to actually buy a similar building, in which case today we would have probably even owned it outright, except NOW we have nothing to show for after all this money that we paid for “rent”. (To be continued)
Adam Nick October 29, 2012 at 08:23 PM
On this Council’s and Planning Commission’s watch, and in spite of the overwhelming opposition by the affected communities, and BEFORE fixing the current infrastructural existing problems (e.g. roads, traffic, schools) in the area, a developer was given the green light for the build-out of 930 residential units in Portola Hills which would inevitably compound our existing problems possibly detrimentally affecting way of life in those communities. In fact, over the years, on this Council’s and Planning Commission’s watch, many re-zoning aimed to appease and assist developers on their raid and rape of Lake Forest was approved. Obviously, many of these previous constructions today are the very cause of our ever-increasing crime, traffic, and pollution. And this is while Council members have received contribution personally from some of these developers. On this Council’s and Planning Commission’s watch, Bake Parkway received an “F” grade several months ago from the oversight agency and Alton Parkway’s completion took twenty years. (To be continued)
Adam Nick October 29, 2012 at 08:25 PM
On this Council’s and Planning Commission’s watch, the expansion and reclassification of the Musick Jail to house a more dangerous class of felons went unchallenged by Lake Forest while all the City had to do was to follow the lead by the Irvine City Council which initiated legal action to stop expansion/reclassification of the jail and this is while Irvine does NOT even have any resident that lives anywhere near the jail and Lake Forest has thousands of residents living within a walking distance of the jail. And, what adds insult to injury is that this marked lack of progress has been while our City manager, Robert Dunek, is paid annually somewhere in the mid $300,000.00 range, which, indeed, nears our President’s annual salary of $400,000.00, except that our President is not off every other Friday. And, this is while Council members are spending every year thousands of dollars in personal expense reimbursements for things such as taxi rides. (To be continued)
Jim Gardner October 29, 2012 at 08:45 PM
Hi Adam, I inserted your name as well as the names of Rudolph and Robinson for the sake of people who were not familiar with the "hit piece" or the attack response. I wasn't agreeing (or disagreeing) with what anyone said on either side, but simply trying to illustrate that the "alliances" talked about in the main article are still being played out. Herzog is battling Voigts for control of the Council and these recent attacks are a symptom of that struggle. In many people's minds you are aligned with Robinson and Voigts just as Zechmeister and Anderson are aligned with Herzog. I know that we discussed several times your belief that you are not aligned, and you have written at length on this issue. But obviously Herzog's wife believes this to be true, and the fact that the "hit piece" comes from "The Republican Party of Orange County - Member Communications" which recently put out an endorsement of you and Robinson tends to coincide with this belief.
Adam Nick October 29, 2012 at 08:49 PM
I am an accountant and auditor by education and trade and, in addition to many other things, I intend to reign in government spending whether in the form of excessive salaries to City management, unmerited expense reimbursements for Council members, or lucrative contracts awarded away from the Public eye to various agencies (such as the City Council’s chosen law firm of Best, Best & Krieger, incidentally the very law firm that the City of Bell had as Counsel up to the breaking of the news of the scandals in the City of Bell, and the very law firm that has been fired by other municipalities in the last two years post the discovery at the City of Bell). On point, what sets me apart from the current Council members and most of the others who are running is that I am educated, have built businesses from scratch, have created jobs and employed hundreds over the years and been successful in my entrepreneurialship, and I am financially independent which means I do NOT need to use my Councilmanship to advance my own businesses and client list or supplement my Social Security benefits. I believe in smaller governments, less regulations, lower taxes, and balanced budgets, while adhering to American principles of fairness, equal protection under the law, and a level playing field for all. (To be continued)
Adam Nick October 29, 2012 at 08:56 PM
For many years, when I had no family of my own by my side, our community at large acted as my family, and that gave me a sense of belonging and pride in the City. You gave me a chance to work along your side, shoulder to shoulder, and gave me a chance for an education. Those who know me personally know that I have lived up to my promises and that I have proven to be caring, hardworking, able, and someone who wants to leave this world better than he found it. For those who do not know me personally, I promise each and every one of you that I will always treat you like my own flesh and blood and will always put you and your interest before that of my own. Remember, the best yard stick by which to judge a person is to see what he or she has done with his or her own life and the lives of those who depend on him or her. I urge to inquire about me and learn for yourself who I am and what I have always stood for. My fellow citizens, Lake Forest City Council has needed new blood for a long time. We can now do something about that. I wish you and your loved ones the best life has to offer today and forever, and I hope that you would elect me so I can do my very small part in making that happen. Your Candidate for the Lake Forest City Council, Adam Nick
Merijoe Axe October 29, 2012 at 08:59 PM
These are a few things on my mind as the election draws near, 1st thing I would like to encourage is that ALL Lake Forest citizens and candidates for office attend, in person, every other Tuesday (ck out the website for Lake Forest), the city council meetings, this is your city and your presence does matter -these are people you voted into office and you candidates want to BE in office who make laws and policies that affect you directly in daily life-you should at least know what those are and who is saying yes and who is saying no. I'm sorry, watching them on web TV, week in and week out, is not acceptable nor is the "I have somewhere else to be those days" excuse, especially if you are running for office, its a big deal to me and sways my vote. Another thing, I reply to the BS standard answer to term limits given by Rudolph, "we have term limits, they are called elections", this way..how would she like Obama in office for another 20 years? That goes for all you in office longer than 8 years. Think about it, I guess term limits were a big deal at one time or the president wouldnt have been given just 2- As ratified in 1951, the Twenty-Second Amendment states that "no person shall be elected to the office of President more than twice". Oh yeah, I recommend you get the agenda off the website so you can talk about something you want to talk about..the council people go awful fast at the meeting-you won't know what they are talking about unless you do this.
Adam Nick October 29, 2012 at 09:35 PM
Jim, Mrs. Herzog refers to it as a "first ever” and "vicious hit piece". First of all, Mrs. Herzog conveniently does not remember what Mr. Herzog has done to these two Councilwomen over the years. I certainly do remember, and I am confident many do too. Secondly, the data thereon has obviously been obtained from the Records at the City Hall. So, where is the untruthfulness and thus the viciousness?! Another convenient inference by Mrs. Herzog to cast doubts where there IS none... Adam Nick
Jim Gardner October 29, 2012 at 10:03 PM
Hi Adam, Yes. I found it VERY interesting that Mrs. Herzog, in the name of her husband and Mark Tettemer, now comes running to the defense of Marcia Rudolph when for nearly 20 years Herzog only allowed her to be Mayor once or maybe twice while he and his cronies played musical chairs with the Mayorship. The long standing feud between "The Gang of 3" (Herzog, Dixon, and Wilson/Tettemer) and "The Ladies" (Rudolph and McCullough) was well known to anyone familiar with local politics. I agree with you that I didn't think it was "vicious" and I didn't think it was "untrue" (although I personally don't know the numbers but I will assume they are correct). I think the mailer does constitute a "hit piece" in the classic sense of the word, but others will have to gauge whether or not they think it was "vicious". I have certainly seen more "vicious" hit pieces.


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