Diary of a Charger: Prepping for League Title, European Vacation

El Toro High lacrosse player Bella Knoth shares her journal entry for the week ending April 12.

Hey everyone!

On Friday, we played (and beat) the Trabuco Hills Mustangs. It was a fun game; everyone was in a good mood and seeing my friends on the other team was nice too. On Tuesday, we have a league game against Tesoro. If we win this game, we will be league champions; if not, we will have to beat Mission Viejo’s team on Thursday if we want to stay champs for the third year in a row. There is a lot of pressure to perform well during these games, and I hope our team can pull through it together.

In other, much more important news, it’s almost spring break! In two short days, I will be on a new continent. I will miss half of the school day Thursday and all day Friday, so this week is packed with taking tests early and making sure I'm caught up on assignments.

Thursday and Friday are mostly travel days; Saturday will be our first full day in Paris. On Sunday, we are taking a bus to Brugge, Belgium, where we will be spending the day. The majority of Monday will be spent in the Louvre, and then we will fly to Florence. We will stay there until Wednesday morning, when we will take a bus to Rome and spend two more nights there. On Friday, the whole day will be spent traveling home. I am so excited; I don’t know how I'm going to be able to focus at all this week. Rest assured, my next posting will be full of details from this trip!



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