Diary of a Charger: 'What If...' Week Is a Wake-Up Call

El Toro High water polo player Emily Browning shares her journal for the week ending April 9.

What a fun and learning week at school!

It was "What if?" week at school and I think a lot of students have gained a lot from it. Monday was "What if no one texted while driving?" and at school they showed a video and ASB were selling thumb bands that had "texting kills" written on them.

Tuesday was "What if no one bullied?" and for that day they also showed another video about bullying and the impact it can have on people. Wednesday's "What if?" theme was giving people compliments, so at lunch they set up a board on which people who had written compliments for others could tape them. That was my favorite day because a lot of people contributed and it showed how much everyone cared for eachother.

Thursday they had Tyler Durman speak to the school and he shared stories that showed no one has an easy life and people should understand that. Friday was "United Day" and at snack they set up a game for everyone to play.

I think this week was such a good opportunity for our school to show how much love we have for each other, and this truly showed me why I love my school. Whether it is playing in the pool or sitting in the classroom, I will forever be a Charger, knowing that if I fall, I will always have a friend to pick me up.

As for sports, now water polo is going well. On Saturday my club team will be playing three games and I'm hoping we will be able to win them all.

Thanks for reading!



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