Manny Pacquiao and Rick Warren Talk Faith, Training

The renowned boxer is interviewed by Rick Warren, pastor of Lake Forest's Saddleback Church.

Before becoming the center of a maelstrom surrounding the results of his June 9 fight, Manny Pacquiao sat down with the pastor of Lake Forest's megachurch to talk faith and boxing.

Rick Warren, head of , chatted with the renowned boxer and Pacquiao's wife, Jinkee, the first weekend of June.

As the interview begins, Warren calls Pacquiao a "Bible-quoting maniac" and the boxer lives up to the moniker during the short interview. To explain his approach to life both inside and outside the ring, Pacquiao cites a number of Bible verses.

The two also discuss Pacquiao's preparations for the June 9 fight (then upcoming), which Pacquiao controversially lost to Timothy Bradley. (The World Boxing Organization announced Wednesday that it will review the match.)

“I believe 100 percent that I’m going to win, but how can I win if I don’t train?” Pacquiao told Warren.

To be a good Christian—or a good boxer—acting on your principles are essential to success, Pacquiao said.

Click here to see the entire Warren and Pacqiao interview.


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