Your Great Idea Won't Sell Itself

Of all the skills a business owner must have or at least be comfortable with, selling is at the top of the list of attributes that lead to success.

How many hard working, dedicated small business owners with a great idea fail to become successful? Unfortunately, the answer is far too many. Very often the  problem is the inability to sell their service or products in the amounts necessary to sustain their business long term. They bring a willingness to work hard, a dedication to the many tasks they will be asked to perform, but seldom do small business owners bring to their business the necessary sales skills to compete effectively against the growing competitive market place. And yet, if your products don’t sell, you have no business. It’s as simple as that.

Selling plays a role in everything we do, every day. Think about it: You’re selling when you try to get your kids to go to bed, read a book, or step away from the
computer. You’re selling when you try to convince your spouse to see the movie
that you want to see. You’re selling when you try to convince yourself to buy
that new set of golf clubs or the new car. It goes on and on. There is no getting away from it—we are always selling.

Why then do many small business owners take the process of sales so lightly? We
spend never-ending hours in operations, countless hours on the books and many
wasted hours on activities that don’t produce revenue. And yet we fail to train ourselves in the art of selling.

In some cases we have been brainwashed to think that sales is a bad thing, and think to ourselves: 'No way, you are NOT going to sell me anything. You’re nothing but a used car salesman—snake oil, magic elixir..." the list goes on and on. Our culture tells us that sales people are not at the top of the most trusted list. How many of you graduated from school with the goal of becoming a sales person?

In fact, many bring to their business a distaste for sales, thinking that selling is something unworthy or not important, or worse, something that will just happen naturally. After all, the idea is so great people will beat the door down to get it.

This brings us to a small business owner’s dilemma: You must sell to be successful but either you don’t like or want to sell. Maybe you have never had any
training on how to properly sell, or you have never managed a sales person or
team. If you or your team can’t convince people to pay money for your idea, service or product, all the leads in the world mean nothing and you will soon be out of business.

Steve has a business advice service he offers to small business owners and executives to get professional opinions to everyday business challenges.

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Shripathi Kamath February 22, 2013 at 06:55 PM
I agree. Look at religion: tremendous sales, and all that without even a product. It can be done, folks!


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