Smiling Mugshot Top 10: What Was Justin Bieber Thinking?

The author, and some Patch readers, had an idea of what was on Bieber's mind when he flashed his pearly whites for the Miami Beach Police Department. It's our Top 10 List.

Justin Bieber's mugshot. Credit/Tampa Police Dept.
Justin Bieber's mugshot. Credit/Tampa Police Dept.

By Martin Henderson

The Grammy Awards took place Sunday, and Justin Bieber wasn't in sight. Maybe that's because the 19-year-old superstar hadn't put enough time between his recent dust-up with the Miami Beach Police for racing a yellow Lamborghini 55-60 miles through a 30 mph zone—albeit he was trying to beat a red Ferrari.

The resultant DUI led Bieber to a short stint to the Miami Beach PD, where he was booked and photographed. 

Probably as many millions who saw the Grammys saw Bieber's smiling mugshot, which has been the source of plenty of parody, including this article.

So we have to ask: What was smiling Bieber thinking? 

Here's our Top 10 list, which included some help from Patch readers Zak Sea, Eric Posner and Rick Hale: 

10. "$2,500 bail? Let me get my change purse."

9. "This promethazine, beer and joint I just smoked feels really good. Wait, I'm in jail?"

8. "I'm gonna get a Proactiv endorsement deal outta this."

7. "Oh goody, street cred."

6. "I wonder if they can tell I'm on ecstasy?"

5. "If I had egged the Lamborghini, that would have been a real crime." 

4. "Is this where you keep the party girls?"

3. "Where's the oversized hat that goes with this orange jumpsuit?"

2. "My net worth is $160 million; what do you make for running the camera?"

1. "I'm ready to be mayor of Toronto."

TELL US IN THE COMMENTS: Keep it clean, but what do you think is on Justin Bieber's mind?
Brainwashed_In_Church January 28, 2014 at 10:24 AM
All publicity is good publicity. Publicity sells records.
Annie G. January 28, 2014 at 12:58 PM
hahahh--the net worth one is good, probably just thinking im still hot, and still the biebs---YOUR NOT


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