WEATHER UPDATE: Frost Advisory Issued For Monday Night

Sunny skies have returned to the region this week but it will be cold overnight, according to forecasts.

UPDATE Jan. 28 at 7:25 a.m.: No rain is in the forecast for the coming days. However later tonight, a frost advisory is scheduled for valley areas, from 10 p.m. to 9 a.m. Tuesday.

"With a cold atmosphere in place behind a departing low pressure system, areas of frost are expected late tonight through early Tuesday morning in colder, wind sheltered locations in the valleys," according to an National Weather Service advisory.

The weekend's storm is left snow in the region's fog-shrouded mountains. As a result, the NWS issued a winter weather advisory for the mountains through 6 a.m. Monday, saying up to two inches of snow accumulated in most areas above 3,000-3,500 feet early today. But some isolated areas could see up to four inches, according to the weather service.

"Some mountain roads will become snow- and ice-covered and slippery," according to an NWS advisory. "Temperatures will remain below freezing through early morning."

The NWS said winds in the Inland Empire, mountains and the Coachella Valley should increase throughout the day, starting out with gusts of 15-20 miles per hour this morning. By this afternoon, 25-30 mph gusts are expected. --City News Service

Jan. 27: Dense fog was expected to shroud the mountains Sunday, while clouds and a chance of rain were forecast in the valleys, forecasters said.

Cloudy, moist conditions over the region were expected to continue through Sunday night, as a low-pressure trough approached from the northwest, according to the National Weather Service.

“Clouds, drizzle, fog and occasional showers will be the rule for west of the mountains, while gusty westerly winds bring drier air into the deserts,” the weather service reported.

Areas of dense fog were expected to develop in the mountains as a very moist air mass pressed up against the coastal slopes, according to NWS meteorologists, who issued a dense fog advisory that was set to extend until 10 p.m. The fog could cause visibility problems for drivers on Interstate 15 over Cajon Pass and at mountain resorts near Riverside.

“A dense fog advisory means visibility will frequently be reduced to less than one quarter-mile,” the advisory stated. “Motorists should use low-beam headlights and be prepared for sudden drops in visibility. Allow extra time to reach your destination.”

Fair and cool weather was expected Monday followed by warmer, drier conditions for the rest of the week as a ridge of high pressure over the Pacific Ocean expands east over the state, forecasters said. --City News Service

BST January 28, 2013 at 05:47 PM
I am SOOO tired of weather forecasters,weather people on tv etc saying we will have nice weather soon. THIS IS NICE WEATHER!!! Why does it have to be 85-95 before weather/meteorogists say it's "nice"? Also, even if the sun is out, if there are ANY clouds in the sky they will comment on soon the weather will be nice....really since when are clouds Not nice? It is Winter people...get real. Yes California is supposed to have rain, we are way way down for rainfall here in this area so we should all be doing the rain dance. I say this only because in Wine Country the rain gauge has only reached 1" since Nov. SO, It was a awesome,NICE weekend...and today the sun is brightly shinning.If your cold,go outside in the sun,do work,go for a walk but get outside and enjoy it. Soon the hot weather people will be crying it's too hot!!!
Adam Townsend January 28, 2013 at 08:00 PM
Ha -- I'm from Ohio originally, and it's 15 degrees there right now.


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