UC Dumps Its Scorned New Logo

The University of California says the derided graphic was never intended to replace the traditional seal but decides to quit using it amid the online barrage of criticism.

The University of California is suspending use of a new logo that has drawn widespread online criticism, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times.

In a statement Friday, Daniel M. Dooley, UC's senior vice president for external relations said, "While I believe the design element in question would win wide acceptance over time, it also is important that we listen to and respect what has been a significant negative response by students, alumni and other members of our community."

Critics had complained that the image—"U" that has a "C" that fades at the bottom—was not worthy of the university system and wanted the traditional "Let there be light" seal universally used.

Dooley had said the new logo was never meant to replace the seal.

Read the full Times article here.



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