Tamarisk, Rimgate Park Construction Plans Approved

Some Tamarisk Park neighbors want a gate that would be removed to instead be locked nightly to deter ne'er-do-wells.

Disagreement about a Tamarisk Park gate didn't dissuade the City Council from moving forward with proposed renovations for that park and Rimgate Park.

The council voted at a Tuesday evening meeting to approve the improvements and authorize staff to solicit bids on the construction contracts for both parks.

Under the scheduled renovations, a gate at Tamarisk Park would be removed.

Some residents of the neighborhood near Tamarisk Park, however, would prefer that it instead remain in its current position and be locked on a nightly basis, according to Councilwoman Marcia Rudolph.

When Tamarisk Park belonged to the nearby Homeowners Association, the gate was shut regularly, Rudolph said at Tuesday's meeting. But since its transfer to city ownership, it has been left open.

Rudolph said that some residents believe the open gate invites ne'er-do-wells to spend time in the ostensibly-closed park after dark.

"Evidently, there are people coming in after hours who are acting inappropriately," she said.

But there has been no noticeable increase in calls for service from that park, sheriff's Lt. Pat Higa said.

At the meeting, Rudolph argued that city staffers should meet with residents to find a solution to their request.

City staffers said that they have already met multiple times with area residents, and that if the city takes on responsibility for the gate it could face liability issues.

If the gate is to remain and be used by the Tamarisk Park neighborhood, a signed agreement must indemnify the city from any liability, Mayor Kathryn McCullough said repeatedly.

Rudolph did not get consensus from her colleagues to direct staff to meet once again with area residents, but thanked the the council for having the gate debate.

Under the improvement plans, each park will get upgrades as follows:

Tamarisk Park

  • New baseball diamond with dugouts and bleachers 
  • ADA accessible entrance ramps 
  • New playground equipment and shade sails 
  • Decomposed granite walkway with low-level perimeter lighting 
  • Landscape improvements 
  • Pre-fabricated restroom building 
  • Park monument sign 

Rimgate Park

  • New playground equipment and shade sails 
  • Outdoor exercise equipment
  • Enhanced walkway lighting
  • New pre-fabricated restroom

The bids also include a park momument sign for Peachwood Park and new bleachers for Heroes Park.

The proposed improvements at Rimgate and Tamarisk parks are the final two projects on the city’s five-year plan for park and playground improvements, approved by the City Council in 2007. Construction is scheduled to begin in August.

Kel8856 May 17, 2012 at 07:34 PM
Do we know when they will break ground?
Sarah de Crescenzo May 17, 2012 at 08:34 PM
Construction is scheduled to begin in August.
Gina Anderson November 16, 2012 at 05:15 PM
They should meet with the residents. There are people in Tamarisk part nightly!!!! I live there and see the head lights in my bedroom window. A gate is needed!!
Mark Victor November 07, 2013 at 03:17 PM
This county has enough gates and fences. We all but imprison ourselves. Although, the USA imprisons more of her population than North Korea and China combined so perhaps we should put a barbed wire fence around it and a guard tower. That way Gina wont have to draw her curtains at night to block out the light of a passing vehicle. After all, when the street lights come on it's time for us all to go to bed. As the Lord lives I would never want my child to wander into a park at night to see the lights of the county bellow, or see the phases of the moon or maybe even look at the constilations. No no, night time is bad when vampires and werewolves prowel. All good little citizens must be safely fenced in and fast asleep when the street lights come on so they can wake up early to toil and pay their taxes. Yes, let's all give up some freedom for safety to make Gina Anderson happy.


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