List of City Council Candidates Finalized

Seven candidates qualify for the November race for two seats on the Lake Forest City Council.

Seven residents are in the running for two seats on the Lake Forest City Council.

The deadline for filing paperwork for the November municipal race was extended by five days from Friday after  for another term.

The terms of Tettemer and Councilwoman Marcia Rudolph expire this fall.

The following candidates, in alphabetical order, have qualified for the November ballot:

  • Terry Anderson, planning commissioner
  • Ken Carrell, architect
  • Jim Gardner, clinical psychologist/businessman
  • Adam Nick, Lake Forest business owner
  • Dwight Robinson, Lake Forest business owner
  • Marcia Rudolph, retired teacher/council member
  • Kathy Zechmeister, operations director

The council election is Nov. 6.

Lake Forest Citizen Paying Attention August 17, 2012 at 09:37 PM
Dwight Robinson is clearly the best choice amongst the candidates. He has proven that he understands how to successfully run an organization, he is a caring family man, and he has been a great coach, mentor, and sponsor for Lake Forest Little League! Adam Nick, another successful local business owner and community activist is the other logical choice to fill the other council seat that is up for grabs. As for the other candidates, Marcia Rudolph is the incumbent that simply doesn't recognize that she should have retired at least 1 cycle ago instead of torturing us with 4 more years of her incoherent ramblings from the dais. Anderson is a member of the current Planning Commission that repeatedly has gotten in the way of the best interests of Lake Forest businesses in the name of rubber stamping whatever agenda Peter Herzog favors, all the while claiming to be 'pro-business'. Kathy Zechmeister is married to another member of that same Planning Commission and I haven't seen any reason to believe that she represents anything more than a replacement Herzog puppet since Mark Tettemer no longer wants to play that role. Moreover, how will she handle the conflict of interest that arises if she is on Council and her husband is on the Planning Commission? Jim Gardner is a one issue (animal rights) repeat loser as a candidate, and I don't yet know enough about Ken Carrell to comment other than he is a former Planning Commissioner as well and what we need is new blood!
cathy breese August 19, 2012 at 10:26 PM
Please dear Lord retire Marcia Rudolph from council she has been there too long and is entrenched with another female council member who should also be replaced.
Jim Gardner August 20, 2012 at 12:49 AM
This unnamed commenter claims I am a "one issue (animal rights)" candidate. If you go to my website, GardnerForCouncil.com you'll find that I have listed 14 issues, one of which is the need for a no-kill animal shelter and a dog park. Other issues include (2) improving traffic, (3) stopping the flow of violent felons into Musick Jail, (4) establishing a true senior center just like every other city in Orange County, (5) keeping the money that the city council spends in Lake Forest and not spending 95% of it in other cities, (6) keeping city council members honest by requiring them to stop taking thousands of dollars from companies/individuals doing business with the city, and then voting these same people millions of dollars in contracts, etc. Please visit my website and see the true facts.
Charles August 20, 2012 at 01:07 AM
Instead of researching the issues and voting, I think I'll go for a roller blade skate on the beach. I don't care. Whatever happens, happens. Anyone want to buy my vote?
Merijoe Axe September 29, 2012 at 12:58 AM
There is nothing about being for animal rights that makes a person a loser, I think that's commendable and the sign of a very good person- I'm quite sure there are other platforms as he mentions that he is passionate about, it's just too bad you could only remember one of them. I will be researching Mr Gardner and I hope he will think about having a meet/greet.


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